Fall is for Scarves

As summer turns to fall with its bright colors and soft browns, the weather becomes crisp before winter blankets everything in white.


Chase away the chill with a warm linen scarf! Choose from light and airy gauze, soft and elegant handkerchief linen or cozy and wonderful middle weight.

Our scarves will be available on shortly on Amazon, Etsy and HealthyHappyLivingLinens.com


Funny how life changes rather suddenly sometimes.

The terrible allergy to all things synthetic pushed us to avoid all polyester and acrylic fabrics many years ago. We developed a connoisseur’s taste for fine natural fabrics—cotton, silk and linen. Often, the natural fiber products that I wanted were unavailable or  priced beyond our budget, so I made them.

Several months back, family encouraged me to start an etsy page with my linens, so I did. People started purchasing and contacting us for wholesale orders from our little shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/HealthyHappyLiving

From that little beginning, Scoutmob found us and set up a shop for some of the items. It seems other people really wanted a nice bread bag for their artisan bread as well. http://scoutmob.com/a/healthyhappyliving

In pursuing a UPC exemption, Amazon saw our brand and called us. This month, we’ve worked with them to set up or Amazon store to be live shortly. We are so excited for the opportunity to share this love of beautiful natural, healthy products with a wider audience.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday through the summer I do the local farmers market selling Bohemian Wild Bouquets from the cutting garden, excess squash, art work and linen items like the apron below.


Fellow vendors share funny stories and helpful hands during set up.


It’s great fun meeting new faces and sharing with old friends.


And at the end of the day, we love the fresh produce–the bounty of goodness we get to bring home from our own shopping experience of buying local. .

Rainy Day in the Greenhouse

Most summers in Washington are dry, dry, DRY! Yesterday was wet–all day long. I’m not complaining. Our garden desperately needed the rain. So instead of hauling hoses and battling weeds, I got to spend the day in the greenhouse.

The flowers kept me company.


The juicy complementary colors of the black-eyed Susans and larkspur were beautiful even without the sunshine.


A sunflower arched overhead.


Tomatoes hung from vines begging to be picked.


Even a lovely melon may fill out before fall!