Life is short. Too short for pretense. Live authentically, abundantly, artfully. Live with purpose, peace and joy. Join me in the journey.

a sampling from my heart

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People and Portraits

People intrigue and fascinate me. All people carry with them unique stories, incredible dignity that belongs to humanity, and the ability to communicate passions and complex ideas. I feel honored each time I draw or paint a person and I strive to capture the truth of the individual in my work.

Orange Crush by Anne OlwinOrange Crush

Having devoted a large amount of my life to children, they still surprise and enchant me. Their little brains seem always busy with plans and dreams.


Laura by Anne Olwin

Watercolor 11×14

Laura graces our home with her presence from time to time. She grew up with our daughters and, like her precious sisters, feels like my own. This pose speaks of the beauty and elegance that she possesses.


John by Anne Olwin

Watercolor 11×14

Not long ago, I ran across a photo of my wonderful husband taken when our children were young. Being one of my favorite photos of him, I had to paint it. He stole my heart at 21 and has it to this day. It is because of him that I got into painting and because of his encouragement and support that I continued through the lean and difficult years of learning and growing as an artist.


Song of the Masai by Anne Olwin

Song of the Maasai

Friends of ours were given special access to the daily living in a Maasai tribe. This tribe is unique among the Maasai in that they have settled, built a dam and healthier dwellings, have increased their life expectancy and live in peace, abandoning the fierceness that marks the Maasai as a people. Here they were singing praise to God.


Red Scarf and Blue Jeans
Red Scarf and Blue Jeans

Published in Watercolor Magic Magazine two years ago, this piece remains one of my favorites. The gestures tell the story.



Face to Face by Anne Olwin
Face to Face
Oil 16×20 Sold

Aren’t elephants wonderful?! This fellow both intimidates and inspires me. He seems a distant cousin to one I saw a few years ago giving rides to children at a fair. So regal compared to his sad relation. His massive frame fills the painting with his powerful, unfettered being. It frightens me a little.


Trail Mix by Anne Olwin
Trail Mix
Oil 16×20

Horses punctuate my own history with pleasurable memories. The hours I spent riding, cooling off in the lake with beloved Beckett as he gave me tail-rides, and feeding apples over the fence to Lovely and Missy are treasures I carry with me. This piece is reminiscent of our years spent in Montana.”



Pioneer Square Pergola by Anne Olwin
Pioneer Square Pergola

The Pergola in Pioneer Square (Seattle) is one of the loveliest places around architecturally. Small glass panes in the arched sections between ornate supports provide a glimpse into the leaves above on a spring day and a welcomed relief from the rain on a winter one.

Standing under the Pioneer Square Pergola, I was struck by the intricacy and beauty of the structure. The lovely dappled greens of the trees danced in the light glow of the panels between the wooden and metal supports. Each arching support terminated in its own delicate filigree. From the outside, the Pergola is beautiful, from the inside… breathtaking!


Pioneer Square Capital by Anne Olwin
Pioneer Square Capital

An architectural piece by John Singer Sargent at a traveling exhibit a few years back inspired me to do some paintings in this genre, something that had previously been of little interest to me. Now, I stare in wonder at the intricacies and nuances of fine old buildings, never tiring of their unique qualities.


Santa Cruz Flower Market by Anne Olwin
Santa Cruz Flower Market
Acrylic 19 x 22

If you ever make a trip to Santa Cruz, California, you are in for a treat. Stop at Noah’s Bagels and get a bagel with a schmere. Make sure you sit at the counter by the windows that open to the sidewalk so you can see the street musicians. Then browse the unusual shops, and stop by this flower kiosk. Wonderful!




Antique Roses in Pink and White
Watercolor 11×13
Thanks to my husband’s passion for roses, we possess a broad range of varieties in our yard. Any day from May through October we can walk out and cut a lovely bouquet. Last winter, we had roses almost all winter long, a rare deal here in the Pacific Northwest. Audrey Hepburn and Honor made up this bouquet, painted in north light.


Yellow Roses by Anne Olwin
Yellow Roses

Yes, we do love roses. One trip to the grocery a particular bouquet caught John by surprise. He purchased them for me, knowing my favorites have always been yellow varieties. The yellow-green color gave them an unusual, but beautiful cast… so beautiful, in fact, I had to paint them.